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Stone Effect is a decorative texture imitating the surface of natural stone. Depending on the application method different end results can be achieved: from an irregularly shaped patterns with clearly visible structure to a smooth sandstone. The proposed effect is available in wide variety of colours and it is used to decorate indoor walls, they are great for supplementing designs both for old and modern styles.

Permanent Finish for the walls:

You do not need to ever paint this wall, the finish is permanent, washable. The structure is heat proof & waterproof (waterproof after 30 days). Of course if you want to change colour after few years, it's possible to do that. Also if you decide to remove the structure some day, a plaster specialist can remove this and have the walls plastered again. The structure allows walls to "breathe", which is so important in our Irish climate.

  • Natural Stone Structure
  • Permanent Finish
  • 25 Colours to Choose From
  • Unique Decor for Your Home

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