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Have you ever wondered how a professional can paint so well? They do not have drips or areas where the paint is located on the frame of the window sill. They also do not get paint all over the floor. The finished job looks great. The good news is that you can paint like a professional as well. The key is to know what it takes. These tips can help you to paint like a professional :)

Choose The Right Paint

The first step is selecting the right type of paint for the job. There are many different types of paints – depends on requirements – ceiling paints, vinyl (acrylic) paints, emulsions, external paints, oil based paints like satin wood, gloss etc. and many more – ask your painter for an advice.

Choose The Right Paint Finish

Most types of paint are sold in several finishes. These include: matt, washable matt, soft sheen, satin, gloss for wood etc.

Clean The Area First

Before you actually paint the room, be sure that you have prepared the surface properly. You should remove anything that can be removed, such as outlet covers. Then, wash the walls thoroughly to remove any type of dust or debris. You then want to tape off the room. If there are any holes, use a patching compound to repair them. Prime the surface if needed. This process really adds to giving you that professional look but it is often the painting step most people skip.

Apply Properly

Finally, when it comes to applying paint, do so appropriately. You will need to use the right tools (brushes, paint rollers or sprayers) along with other tools to get the job done, such as a paint tool that can slide into the hard to reach areas. Be sure that you apply even coats. Trim work should be done prior to the application of paint with a roller.

These painting tips can help you to paint like a professional with each project you undertake. Invest some extra time in the project and your finished walls will look amazing.


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