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Like every other part of your house, the bathroom also calls for a paint job that suits its contours. As always with home painting, a number of things need to be factored in before you start on the job and if it’s the bathroom then factors like the size and the location of the bathroom in your house are some of the first things you need to think of and then plan your home painting accordingly.

After understanding the dimensions and structure of your bathroom you need give a close thought to the colors you would be using. The color coordination of your bathroom should be such that it gives a sense of harmony, peace and comfort. Excessive use of any color would not be beneficial. It should be always remembered, not to make unbalanced color coordination. There is a wide variety of colors that you can use in your bathroom, some of them like Pink, white, and lighter shades of blue, yellow or purple popular and are well suited as bathroom colors because of their dual nature as a warm as well as cool color.

Some of the general home painting tips related to bathroom are:

* In your bathroom, bright colors like red and orange can be used to provide brightness and freshness to boost physical energy. Some prefer using these colors can be used near the shower area. However one must note that excessive use of bright colors would make you feel overexcited and restless.

* Though, the use of calm colors like white and blue is very popular in home painting and bathroom is an ideal place for these colors as dirty, unclean and unkempt areas can easily be spotted on these colors. Again excessive use is not advised because it could lead to lethargic and depressive mood.

* In home painting the use of dark colors is made to attract attention on a wall and use of light colors makes a room look bigger. Accordingly, in your bathroom you can use dark and light shade of different colors to give attention or make your bathroom seem larger in space.

Lastly, not only the colors that you choose should be well coordinated, they should also be well prepared and applied to keep them looking new and bright for a longer time.


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